When we asked people what they thought Liquid Binary’s key role is the answer had a blinding ring to it. Liquid Binary is a web development company.

It was then we realized that we were not painting our bigger picture, for, not only our clients but our future clients and just how important a company’s unique selling point is, hence this blog.

So, the perception out there is that we get clients, develop a site (an out of this world, one of kind, fully responsive site I might add) and Bobs your uncle.

Well, I think I need to set the record straight, when Liquid Binary was born we wanted to be more than just web developers, we want our customers to be involved from the beginning. We want them to grow, we want to grow with them. We live in an incredibly fast pace, ever-changing world of technology. We want our customers to be kept up to date and keep up with trends (as you get older this becomes ever more difficult).

99% of people that are in that stage of looking for developers to put their dream into reality and be found on the world wide web are already 100% committed for the long haul – when you come to us so are we. Liquid Binary is not the company that will develop a site and leave you high and dry.

We are not just selling our skills at coding (we do have mad skills), we thrive on our services, we are customer-centric, we will help, guide and aid our clients every step of the way, our focus does not start and end with development or deploying of a site. We strongly believe in engaging with our clients, getting to know them and their brand, and, in turn developing a website that enhances every unique point.

We don’t just code, we build trust and relationships that last a lifetime.

Written by Kim Siemens

Proud team member of Liquid Binary

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