One can not express how important it is to have your own domain name on your email.I have this fantastic article written by  

As a business owner, you know that for uninterrupted growth of your business, a relevant business name is as instrumental as your efforts. So, when you start your business, you put in your creativity to come up with a name that is appealing, easy to remember and best describes your business.

Also, it is the name of your business that gets it recognized as a brand, so it becomes very important that you make the best possible use of your business brand name. Using a professional email ID for your business with your brand name in it is one particular aspect that can increase the brand value of your business.

If you are using a free email service (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) unaware how it is negatively affecting your business, and uncertain how you can benefit by getting an email on a domain of your business website, then this is a must-read article for you.

Let us first look into the negative effects of using a free email service for your business.

1. You Get Lost in the Crowd

Your business cannot distinguish itself as a business brand with an email ID like and it gets lost in the crowd of free email users that also include your customers, thus leading to loss of business credibility.

2. You Look Unprofessional

With a free email address, you look nowhere close to a professional and this highly unprofessional impression can cost you much on the business front.

3. You Look Suspicious

Without professionalism and a distinguished identity, you quickly lose your customer’s trust as most spammers and fraudsters also use free email service.

4. Your Identity can be Stolen Easily

Anybody can create an email ID on any free mail platform. So, it’s possible for anyone to do fraud and cheat your company by creating a mail ID with your business name, with slight variations like and use it as they like, thereby harming your business irreparably.

The above points show that your business is at a serious disadvantage by using free email service and provide compelling reasons to explore a better option of using professional business email on your own domain.

Using a free email service for your business is like having a well-established business at a prime location (your domain name) with a well-developed infrastructure (your website) but using the service of a nearby telephone booth (free email) for your communication needs. With this, you cannot be considered as a reliable and committed business.

Now, let’s have a look at the benefits of having an email ID on your own domain.

1. Get Instant Recognition and Branding

Having a business class email ID on your domain has an extension of your business name and looks like It leads to instant brand recognition and promotes branding of your business.

2. Promote Your Own Brand

By using a free email service, you are not promoting your own business but, promoting the free service providers – Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. By getting email on your domain, you will be promoting your own business brand with each email communication.

3. Look More Trustworthy

The latter part of your email ID coming after @ sign contains the domain name of your website ( where the customers can reach you to get more insight into your business. Here, they can learn that something concrete exists and they can trust you.

4. Seem Bigger and Organized

You can create a number of email IDs on your own domain name like,,, etc. and even assign each employee a separate email ID with his name.

With this, your business seems bigger and well-organized with different departments to handle different issues.

5. Look more Professional and Earn Credibility

With an email ID on your own domain, you look more professional, create a better business image, get instant recognition, and thus your business earns more credibility.

6. Get Better Security and More Privacy

Free email service providers offer very little security and privacy features which put your critical business data at serious risk. Having your emails on your own domain makes your communication and confidential data more secure as you can add as many security measures as you want.

The above points show that having email ID on your domain name is like having a hotline specially installed to serve your business communication needs and it distinguishes your business as reliable, trust-worthy and professionally organized.”

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