Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence.

Chatbots simplify our lives making possible to quickly order tickets, food, and other stuff. The company can quickly get all the necessary information from the client without manager interventions.  The communication process is greatly simplified. There are 2 types of chatbots. Simple and advanced based on artificial intelligence. They understand live speech and are constantly learning. For example, eBay has a Chatbot in Facebook Messenger within communication process, it asks questions about your preferences and offers the right product. Chatbots will become a popular in the e-commerce industry and its trend. Read more:


96% of customer want delivery within 24 hours. Only some stores can provide this option and make our desires alive. They deliver items in the same ordering day. For example, Amazon will deliver goods worth over $37 on the day of order. But there is some limitation – you have to be prime member. Walmart invests in the development of its own network, where customers can pick up orders. Such approach reduces delivery time up to 24 hours.

Single eCommerce network

One single network creation will significantly increase the attractiveness of online stores and e-commerce industry at all. Just imagine, you buy the item on eBay and can pick it up in a small store across the road. Sounds easy? Single eCommerce network provides an opportunity to develop a flexible system where online stores can cooperate with each other.

Video Content

Video content is a more attractive channel of interaction with customers. By providing an opportunity to increase conversion and helps users to better understand your product. Facebook already ranks post containing video higher than other. Video content increases sales by 64 to 85% by the statistic. Until 2020, every online store will use video content to describe the product. This requires additional resources and right now not every company can afford them.

Credit: Ian Melnik

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