Most think that putting a site out there on the web will automatically and instantly get them seen by Google searchers. They couldn’t be more wrong. An analogy I like to use is one of gazing up into the sky at night to see all those shiny, flickering stars. For each one you can see, there are trillions you can’t. A new website is just like all those invisible stars. If you don’t have a great design, a well-planned URL, custom features, well-written info, paid ads, and the all-important technical search engine optimization, or “SEO,” you may as well not even have one. Cheap site builders put out your site as fast as possible with the same templates they’ve used over and over again for other businesses. Then, they leave it alone. Your site becomes stale the day after it launches. What’s worse, most of these companies never even submit your website to Google’s index, so you’re never able to get customers to find you at all! The result? You become just one of the millions of unseen websites that cost you cash but never return your investment.

Google search is always changing, dynamic world – Good search engine marketing is both a technical thing and a “living” process. Of course, your website’s bits and pieces need to be built correctly from the beginning (with things like solid technical SEO, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and mobile built-in), but most significantly of all in today’s SEO is dynamic content. If your website doesn’t have a regular stream of fresh content that engages your customers and adds unique value, Google will drop you in a hurry from their index. Why? Google wants its web and mobile search users to find the most accurate answer to any question they type in the search bar. If your website doesn’t have good content that answers questions your customers are asking, you won’t be seen to have any “authority” on your area of expertise. Just think about it. If WebMD put up a site with a few pages on a few diseases and never updated them or added more, would anyone use them to find answers? Nope. Google analyzes your site’s content with many tools and techniques, such artificial intelligence, to try to “know” what your site is all about. Simply stated, you rank higher for user searches by using your site to show you know – and are an expert – on what you do or sell. That means lots of regularly updated info that informs, educates and helps your site visitors make decisions. Think that cheap site you got last year and have not updated since it went up shows you’re an authority? It doesn’t to Google – or your customers.

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