WHY IT’S IMPORTANT Expectations of what customer service should be are higher than they have ever been.
In today’s mobile world, your customers expect 24/7 engagement any time and from anywhere. They are no longer content to work within your set business hours. They expect to connect at any time of day or night. They expect the freedom to choose how they interact from a variety of communication channels. And they expect to receive instant answers to their queries through seamless digital interactions.
WHAT YOU CAN DO Be hyper-aware of your customers’ response time expectations. Adapt your entire organization and contact center to always be available to customers with 24/7 service options.
To evolve your traditional communication channels from a basic toll-free connection, move to a single, uniform service experience that includes an enhanced, web-based self-service portal and alternative communication methods, such as chat and SMS. And allow customers to choose how they connect, interact and ultimately buy using any channel at any time and anywhere.

Sources “Mitel powering connections – 10-Marketing-Trends”

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