The way people search for information online is changing. These days, people are using voice search using AI on their smartphones, tablets or voice assistance to search for information on the Internet. Corresponding with this increase in mobile device usage is the rise of what is called “voice search”. People have become increasingly accustomed to the idea of speaking directly with computer devices and accessing information on the Internet whenever and wherever they might need it.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, online search is becoming more conversational. In time, online marketers might take a different approach to content optimization by focusing on keywords that are more conversational.

Here is a possibility of AI predictions from an SEO perspective:

Conversational keyword optimization for voice based search

We rarely type the way we speak. When we type, we use shorthand, so you would type “weather Japan” into a search bar. But when you speak, you are likely to ask a complete question, “What’s the weather today in Japan?”

As more users start using programs like Siri and Google Now to search, search engines might catch up and start ranking websites with content that are optimized with keywords that are conversational.

For example, consider the fact that voice searches typically use words like “Who”, “What”, “When” and “Where” when looking for answers for immediate needs. To appeal to voice search, marketers can use these adverbs to optimize web pages while using a conversational tone throughout the content.

Credit: Winnie

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