Channeling Digital Assets

There is a secret sauce for doing business in the digital age— rich media encapsulated by digital assets pervade all aspects of today’s digital experiences and must be managed effectively. As a mobile shopper, you might want to buy a sweater on your smartphone. A set of detailed photos (with magnification capabilities, 3D rotation, and […]

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Design customer-centric communications from the inside out and outside in

To improve the customer experience, you need to design and deliver actionable communications. They should use clear and concise language and be compliant, accurate, and controlled. All this requires synchronizing the right data with CCM software and the business processes that intersect with customer touchpoints. Many organizations undertake customer journey mapping projects and make the […]

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Digital Assets and Business Transformation

How should you manage your digital assets to unlock business value and substantially improve financial results? Rich media management begins with a system of record. Within your organization, a digital asset management (DAM) system serves as the single source of truth for all of your branded and approved assets—including photos, illustrations, videos, sound clips, and […]

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Customer mobility

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT Expectations of what customer service should be are higher than they have ever been. In today’s mobile world, your customers expect 24/7 engagement any time and from anywhere. They are no longer content to work within your set business hours. They expect to connect at any time of day or night. They […]

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