Business analytics is revealing details about customers that were never learned before.
WHY IT’S IMPORTANT Customer data uncovers opportunities to identify pain points, upsell and cross-sell. Every dollar invested in business analytics delivers a $13 ROI.11 In fact, extensive users of customer analytics are more likely to outperform the market by 49 percent in profits and 50 percent of sales.12
Since customers expect to be treated as individuals, Big Data is offering the information you need to enhance service processes and provide personal proactive service. It allows you to switch from targeting a market segmentation of many to a segmentation of one. It gives you the information to make customers feel special and interactions more personal.
WHAT YOU CAN DO Make Big Data analytics an integral part of your customer experience strategy. Enable every department in your organization to access and analyze customer data in real-time. Put key data in the hands of employees who interact with your customers so they can make better, smarter decisions and deliver superior customer experience.

Source: ” Mitel”

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